OCMD's Best Ice Cream


Covid 19 Preparedness Statement:

For the past 25 seasons we have prided our selves on being a family own and operated ice cream store. We have built our business on the premise of making people happy. Our customers, our staff, our vendors and our community, have become valuable partners in our success.  This summer we plan on doing the exact same thing but with a few minor changes outlined below.

  • Our entire menu and ice cream offerings are on the website. If you arrive to King Kone and see a long line pull out your phone take a look at the menu and ice cream flavors and take some notes on your phones notepad, or kick it old school and use a paper and pen.  Write down what the folks in your party want and send just one person up to the front. We have bags and carrying trays for your convenience.
  • We have installed Acrylic shields at both locations. We have had acrylic shields custom made for each of our stores that will separate our customers from our staff but still make it feel like we are not talking through a window. We think they came out really well.
  • Staff have completed food handler training. The overwhelming majority of our staff has gone through about 4 hours of training with a nationally recognized company in how to safely handle food. We have been well positioned for this since we don’t ever touch food directly as a rule. You would normally see us using napkins, gloves, and utensils in most circumstances. You will not see staff using gloves when serving ice cream. There is no substitute for washed and sanitized hands.
  • Hand Washing and Sanitizer. We didn’t think it was possible to put more emphasis on hand washing as we already do but we are.  We have installed high capacity soap stations at all handwashing sinks and where applicable we have installed hand sanitizer stations as well.
  • High Touch Points. Staff have been instructed to sanitize high touch points during their shift. Door knobs, handles, scoopers, registers, etc. 
  • Masks must be worn by customers at 143rd St. Customers coming into our 143rd St. location will need to wear a mask upon entering and have it on for the entire time.
  • Masks and Shields for all staff. All staff have been issued masks and or shields while working. We have given them the freedom to bring their own personality to the mix but we all will be wearing them.
  • Touchless Payments. If you choose to use touchless payments, we now have those capabilities when paying.
  • Wellness Checks for Staff. When our staff arrive to their shift, they will have to go through a specific wellness check performed by a designated staff member.
  • Arm Pull. On 143rd St. we have installed an arm pull on the front door. If you choose not to use your hand on the door handle you can use you forearm to open the door.
  • Tables and Chairs. For now we will not have tables and chairs available at our 143rd St. location at all.  At 69th St we have removed all the non-fixed tables and chairs.
  • Crowd Control. We will be putting “Spacing dots.” On the ground at both locations. They will be 6 ft. apart. Please use them.
  • Personal Responsibility. If you feel that you are sick or have been in direct known contact with someone with Covid 19 please do not visit our stores. 

What we need from our customers.

Understand that this year is different than any other year we have ever had.

Please be patient. We are certain that our lines may move a little slower than usual. We apologize up front but we are doing our best to serve our customers with all the extra intentional protocols and work flow.     

If you have an issue or concern about safety or how we are handling a situation, please call and ask for a manager, send us a message on social media or send us an email to ockingkone@gmail.com.  We want to hear from you.

Unless there is an absolute need to do so, please try not to leave negative reviews.  We are learning together.

We are a small business. Our kids go to area schools, play sports in local sports leagues and potentially attend the same summer camps in town as your children.  We also go out to eat to see our friends an patronize their businesses as well. If you have a great experience please share that with friends and family by word of mouth or on Social Media.  We are all going to be struggling to make the ends meet this year.

We know that we have all been inside A LOT. When venturing out please social distance when standing in our lines.

Wash your hands.

Be KIND always. Lets all work through these new and unknown times together.