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  1. Michael Merritt

    Well said crisis is not an excuse to cut critical corners. I believe that this is a good steeping discussing daily maintenance in how we can control our responses.

  2. Michael Merritt

    With many people staying at home during this time it seems like a good time to challenge ourselves. This situation creates an opportunity to look at ourselves and how we live day to day. We keep hearing “I can’t wait till things get back to normal”. But what is normal, or what is different about this than every other day? The obvious answer to most is I don’t get up and go to work or I get to work so much faster due to a lack of traffic. These examples can lead to a break from our daily needs.
    For example we may be taking this opportunity to sleep in daily, push daily meetings through online formats to make them more convenient at this time. But we will be going back to work so, how can we take this opportunity to stay on track to keep our selves mentally and physically healthy? Can we also take this opportunity to evaluate our daily maintenance to see what is working and what may not be working?
    Daily maintenance is certain things we need to do every day that maintain our wellness. These things can be as simple as making your bed every day to having a cup of coffee and breakfast. During this time of sleeping in we may not do what we normally do and this throws us off and we begin to complain about homeschooling and not be able to go out and go back to work thinking things are easier. But what aren’t you doing? The other side of this maybe being at home you are doing something different and your able to organize better. If this is the case the things you aren’t “normally” doing how can I incorporate them in my life once this stage of our lives ends? Let’s the opportunity and write down what we do daily and then examine that list during this time and take away things that don’t work and add things that do.
    “There are no problems only situations, situations create opportunity” PJ Fleck

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