OCMD's Best Ice Cream


Best Ice Cream place in Ocean City, MD. Line moves fast!! The system they have to keep the line moving is great! More businesses need to take a lesson from King Kone! Friendly staff. Our go to almost every night while on vacation. So glad to see them open this year.

Michelle A

During trying times (covid and social distancing) The staff at King Kone were super organized and super friendly. The varieties were enough to make you go at least twice a day because you can't make up your mind on what to have. The selections are plenty and they don't call it king kone for nothing because the servings are super generous. A must when in OCMD

Carmen H

Friendly staff. This is always a must for our family every trip

Vince P

I was here taking on their Gorilla Split Challenge. The ice cream was delicious and the atmosphere was great. Be sure to stop on by for a fantastic time.

Mark G

Friendliest staff on the shore! A great experience every time!!

Sharon H

A great addition to the ice cream selection in OC. superior quality and excellent service makes this place worth the drive from anywhere in Coastal Highway

John D

This is a different beach ice cream joint. So many unique combinations...Boston milkshake!!

Michael R

Absolutely delicious ice cream. A huge selection of ice cream flavors, milkshakes, blends, toppings, and shaved ice flavors. Will definitely go back whenever we are in Ocean city.

John S

King Kone is by far the best ice cream shop in OC! Their prices are the lowest, the ice cream is the tastiest, and their customer service is the friendliest. There is no other place I would want to go in all of Ocean City for my ice cream cravings. They have a large variety of flavors and toppings as well as shake and sundaes. But the thing that always brings me back is the friendly staff and owners! If your not going to King Kone for you ice cream needs your making a mistake!

Sarah D

The North OC landmark , home of the gorilla split. So amazing, love the crazy Boston shake, New Jersey Shake and King crunch! The workers are kind and thoughtful, we enjoy every trip! It's Hershey's ice cream with a fun twist of delicious creations to include a Chesapeake sundae with homemade caramel, Old Bay and nuts. The soft serve is the best on the beach as its thick and delicious, such good quality! They will create any special sundae per your request.

Annie M