Hey Guys!  Many of you know me as the guy that serves your ice cream at King Kone in OCMD.  I have been fortunate to facilitate happiness to our customers every summer for the past 9 years and a lot of people ask, “what do you do with the rest of the year?” So, I have decided to use the time we have for the COVID pandemic to start the beginnings of a blog. 

First and foremost, I am a stay-at-home parent.  My wife, Shelly and I, wanted to invest in a seasonal business so that one of us could be more flexible when our kids became school aged so when there were appointments, illnesses, field trips, school volunteer needs, etc, one of us could be available to go and be active.  I have always worked in jobs that were year-round but had high impact in the summer season, so I was the perfect fit for this transition.

Secondly, for the last 20 years, I have been studying and working with people and organizations to help them be better.  Obviously, this had very humble beginnings but as the years passed, I have had the opportunity to work with many organizations and leaders to facilitate their development in a positive way.  Organizations like, W.L. Gore, MBNA, Bank of America, Department of Justice, Maryland Dept of Social Services and many universities and colleges.    I even earned my Masters in Science in Organizational Leadership. 

Over the years, I have been blessed to work with a very talented and smart group of experiential facilitators that are trained in guiding conversations of growth.  What we have found is that all organizations, at their core, are all dangerously similar.  Further, they also all suffer from dangerously similar challenges and short comings.  Even further, is that if they followed some key principles and strengthened some basic skills, there could be positive improvement in their organizational objectives. 

The group that I facilitate with, and for, are followers of well-known authors and trainers like, Lencioni, Sinek, Covey, Collins and yes some of us even take lessons we learn in the Bible and apply them to business development.  These authors are smart people.  The main strength and focus of our group of facilitators it to take a group out of there typical context, immerse them in a new experience and make connections back to their daily life.  So, in theory, we don’t train on one authors’ content, we train on all of their content.  But we make it applicable to the challenges you may be feeling in your organization. 

It is important for you to know what I am not:  I am not a speaker (although I have delivered a keynote or two) and I am also not a lecturer. At least not in your traditional sense. 

It is equally important for you to know what I am:  I am an experiential facilitator and skills trainer.  I take key principles, turn them into a meaningful activity and then make some parallels into your organizational setting in order to point out where growth is needed.  Then I teach the skills necessary to facilitate change and ultimately improve your organization. 

I do this by looking at your challenge, not from your desk individually, but rather from a much different view.  This allows everyone to have an opportunity to understand their individual role in a group and what behaviors they need to keep and discard in order to facilitate positive organizational change.       

My overall goal in the blog is to share with you some of this learning, and should you want more help or have an interest in doing one on-one facilitation or have someone come work with your organization to be better, I will work to match you with the right facilitator and who knows, it could be me.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and send me a DM.  I’ll work to answer your concerns in a blog post.

So, without further ado, HERE WE GO!!!!